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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Purisma Creek Redwoods Trail

This was an excellent hike! It had a lot of what I really like in a hike. It was a 7 mile loop hike, which is a good distance for an afternoon hike. It starts right off with a nice creek and a trail that heads gently uphill in a little valley filled with ferns and redwoods. There were quite a few other hikers at the beginning, but after a couple of miles I only saw a couple of other people the rest of the way.

Eventually the trail became smaller and followed a path along the wall of the valley. It was steadily uphill, but usually not too steep. That was good because it was hot that day. As it is, I was redfaced and just dripping with sweat by the time this hike was over. I did put in one picture of me, the rest I quickly destroyed!

The trail finally wound its way up through chapparal and out of the trees, where it was even hotter, but then finally headed downhill at a quick pace. At one point I was trying to get away from a couple of flies and started running downhill...but it was so steeply downhill I couldn't stop running for, I swear, a quarter mile. It wasn't dangerous, I was laughing most of the way! Finally the trail ended up in the redwoods again, by the stream. A nice way to end the hike.

After reading this back it doesn't sound like that great of a hike, but it was! Oh, and you'll notice several bridges. I really like how different they all are and as you will see in future hikes, I like taking pictures of them. Hope you like them too!


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