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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Goodbye Hawaii, Hello California: Sweeney Ridge, my first Bay Area hike!

Well, the house in Hawaii finally sold, and here I am back in San Francisco. Its kind of nice to be back, except for the weather which I still hate. Its so hard to get used to fog and cold in the summer, especially for someone like me who hasn't even put on long pants in nearly a year!

This hike was a nice start for me, it has history, lots of flowers and even an old Nike missle base. As you will see in the pictures, Gaspar de Portola, a Spanish captain and explorer sent his men inland where they discovered San Francisco Bay. Earlier explorers, such as Sir Francis Drake, had missed seeing the opening at the "Golden Gate" and never knew the Bay existed!

The flowers were amazing on this hike, check out the pictures. I'm still learning their names, that may take a while. The Nike missle base has been totally covered in graffiti, but check it out, its the best graffiti I've ever seen!

And a bonus video again!

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