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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Matt Davis-Steep Ravine Loop with more Waterfalls!

This was a 7.2 mile loop that started off in "downtown" Stinson Beach and rose to about 1600 feet at the top of the loop and then went, well, steeply down Steep Ravine and back to the beach. I parked by the Stinson Beach Fire Department and just a few feet down the street was the trailhead. It started off going over a small creek on a bridge and then began to climb the hill behind town. I came across a sign that said "Rattlesnake Area" within the first few hundred yards, but fortunately did not see any on the hike.

The trail was pretty steep at the beginning, lots of steps too. It was also really pretty with the sound of the creek accompanying me up the path. At one point I could see a nice waterfall across the canyon. I thought the trail would probably take me by it, but it never did. The trail continued to rise but became less steep most of the time. Eventually I came to a grassy area for a while and then wound my way through the forest again, ending up at a ranger station where I took a break after the 4 mile uphill part of my hike.

From there I headed downhill into Steep Ravine. It was breathtakingly beautiful! Huge redwoods, lush green ferns and a babbling creek, not to mention lots of bridges which I love seeing. I went down the ladder next to the first waterfall, which was pretty but didn't have a lot of water at this time of year. I continued on to the next waterfall, at one point having to duck through where a giant redwood had fallen down and been cut through so you could go down the path. There were lots of old redwoods that had fallen down over the years, sometimes they looked like giant pixie sticks.

I came to the next waterfall, which was a series of small falls. It was also a really nice waterfall. I went down on the boulders in front of it and took some pictures before I went on down the trail. The trail continued down, passing by a small dam and a nice pool where I saw 3 deer running through the woods. Soon after that I came out above the beach and walked through a grassy area with lots of wildflowers and eventually down to Highway 1 and my car was just a couple blocks away. A splendid hike!



Laura Rogers said...

Well, I am glad to see you still have plenty of places to hike. Cool weather is good for a hike, but unfortunately, you won't feel like a dip at the end of the trail!

Anonymous said...

That was a very pretty to hike I would have been on edge after the rattlesnake sign though..