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Monday, April 14, 2008

Hike to Kalauao Stream

This is a hike that I almost didn't do. I had just done the Manana / Waimano Pool hike, and you know I wasn't all that enthralled with it. This hike, on paper, is almost the same description! Fortunately I decided to check it out because it wasn't the same at all.

This hike started out at a little known state park above Aiea, kind of near the Aloha Bowl. The park is called the Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area. It has a "heiau", which is a Hawaiian place of worship. Oddly, I forgot to take a picture of it. But the things are all over, so I've seen plenty of them!

The trail follows a ridge line for a while, then to reach the stream and falls there is a side turnoff. You descend rapidly through a forest of strawberry guava trees. I saw the fruit on the trees for the first time, so I picked one. Its a little cherry shaped fruit, tastes sweet and has little seeds like a strawberry. Not bad at all!

Then it just gets muddy and steep. Its as steep as "cardiac hill" was, but somehow the area is so much nicer. I finally reach the valley floor and the stream is right there in front of me. I walked the trail along the stream, which meandered from one side to the other, with little pools and rushing rapids in between. Just about a perfect spot for a walk. The falls aren't huge, but are really lovely. It was just an absolutely gorgeous spot. Maybe this really IS paradise? Maybe, but I still want to go back to the mainland...

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