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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wiliwilinui: A Great Hike to the Koolau Summit (with Bonus Movie!)

This is a really nice hike, my nephew did it when he visited Tim and I in the summer of 2006 but I couldn't do it with him then. I probably wouldn't have done it anyway, since I was still smoking and wouldn't have been able to make it to the top!

The hike starts off in a private gated community, but you just have to tell the guard you are going on the hike and they give you a parking pass. You go up a road quite a ways to start. Eventually the road stops and the small, and very steep trail begins. There is one section where you have to use ropes to go up and down, but I managed it pretty easily. When you are almost at the top, there is a radio station transmitter. From there the trail is kind of creepy, because the little ridge you are on for the last little ways seems much smaller with a dropoff on each side. But its NOT really dangerous!

As I was getting to the top, the clouds started coming over the crest of the Koolaus, so it was actually pretty cold up there. The clouds that were settling down on me obscured the view of the other side of the mountain and the 2000 foot cliff that was right in front of me. Some pretty spectacular views of Diamondhead Crater though.... I put in a small video that I took at the top, check it out!

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